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TESTIMONIALS - Mrs. & Ms. Delegates

Deanna Silva

Mrs. Florida America 2013

Mrs. Galaxy 2017-2018


Pageantry has been a major part of my life for almost 15 years, and has blessed me with several local, state, and national titles. In 2013, I made the decision to return to the stage after a 6 year break, to pursue my dream of becoming a Florida state titleholder. I had been following Jorge and his clients for many years and I knew he was the best of the best. I reached out to him, and a few weeks later we had our first meeting via Skype to prepare for the 2013 National Citrus pageant. He made me feel as if we had known each other our whole lives and the hour we spent together FLEW by! Needless to say, I won best interview at the National Citrus pageant that year and captured the title of Miss Citrus. A few months later, I set my goal on the Mrs. Florida America title, and once again, I was certain that I wouldn't be able to do it without the mental coaching I would gain from Jorge. We had our second meeting via Skype, and once again I  finished my session feeling cool, calm , collected, and prepared. My dream came true when I was blessed to capture the tile of Mrs. Florida America in April of 2013, and gained the honor of representing Florida at the 2013 Mrs. America pageant! I know in my heart that I could not have done any of it without Jorge. There are no words to describe the feeling of confidence I gained knowing that I was prepared for ANY question I would get during my interview, and after all, we beauty queens know that interview is the most important!  Jorge may have only coached me through a few sessions in my preparations, but through it all he became so much more than a coach. He loved and supported me through so much in my year and has truly become a mentor, a friend, and a part of my pageant family. I am so honored to have worked with him and I will forever be grateful that he was such an important part of my dream come true! 

Caroline Absalom

Mrs. Hawaii America 2015

2RU Mrs. America 2015

Mrs. Maui 2014


Aloha, Jorge. I have to thank you for all that you have done for me. Your support and kind words came even before I decided to compete for the Mrs. Hawaii title. I had many, many doubts entering a pageant at THIS age, but you made me believe that I could, and that I deserved to. Then, when I became Mrs. Maui, the work began! You covered topics I had never dreamed of (but the judges did…thank you!). How do you know exactly what is going to be asked? How the interview is going to flow? You gave me valuable insight into my platform, and the confidence to share my views. After the pageant I was informed that I had the highest preliminary interview score. Your training and belief in me also showed during the dreaded on stage question. Let’s just say the last OSQ I had (16 years ago!) was less-than-stellar. I used every single one of your techniques to get over my nagging fear and to answer my question that night on the Mrs. Hawai’i stage. I am extremely proud of how I answered and how I handled myself. Redemption after 16 years! Your insight and expertise have been incredibly helpful. What matters the most however, is your friendship and the fact that you genuinely care about me, not just as a pageant contestant, but as a person. Thank you Jorge for everything! I know that I wouldn’t have the success I did without your help.

Dr. Juli Goldstein

Ms. USA Petite 2013

Ms. US Continental 1st runner up 2013

Ms. Florida US Continental 2012

Ms. America Top 10 finalist 2010

Ms. Florida United States 2009


I have been involved in pageantry since I was 13 years old and can't believe I waited as long as I did to find Jorge and have him transform me into a National titleholder. He completely changed my life and took my interview skills from good to winning! Not only did he take me to two state titles but also to my first National title. The interview skills I acquired from him have been integral not just for competition but in my professional life, for speaking enagements, my continued work in promoting my platform, and have helped me book work in commercial television as well! Jorge taught me to be the best version of myself!! (PR Pageant Coaches interview client)

Annitra Atler

Ms. Woman United States 2015


Jorge and his amazing team at PageantSmart worked diligently to prepare me for all aspects of interview at Ms. Woman United States. Maggie Lawson worked around my crazy schedule and was available whenever I needed her.  There is no way I could have been so prepared without this amazing team! Photo Credit : Benizo

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