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TESTIMONIALS - Junior Teen Delegates

Isabella Morales

National American Miss Florida Jr. Teen 2015

Miss American Coed Florida Pre-Teen 2014

USA National Miss Jr. Teen 2017


I am honored to call myself a PageantSmart girl ! Jorge is the best interview coach in the world to me! He truly cares and is always so helpful and supportive and for that I am forever grateful. He has prepared me to always be my best when it comes to interview. With his insight and help, I was able to win one of my dream titles on my first try, National American Miss Florida Jr. Teen. I could not ask for a better coach or friend and now I consider him my honorary godfather. I cannot thank him enough for all the love and continued investment he has put into me becoming successful and happy in all that I do.

Tiffany Ekanayake

2015 National All American Miss Jr Teen Top 5

2016 National All American Miss Jr Teen Top 5


I had the honor of training with Mr. Jorge Esteban for the first time this year for NAM Nationals. He gave me several different pointers and fun ways to prepare for my interview, making it stress free for me. The sessions flew by, and felt like we just had a nice long chat; but that's what helped me most by developing a conversational tone to my answers. My NAM National Interview scores went from being my lowest scoring category to my highest. Thank you so much Jorge!

adriana vigilante.jpg
Adriana Vigilante

2020 Junior Miss North America


Working with Jorge has done wonders for me! His style of using mocking interviews to help a person focus on topics they may be ask by a judge has really help me to make sure my interview is on point. He's very helpful with helping you think outside of the box and making sure you take in all possible questions that could happen. Interviewing has never been more fun since I've started working with him. So, If you ever need someone who helps boost your confidence, and make interviewing fun then I would definitely recommend Jorge!

Gracie Williams

2012 National American Miss Kansas Pre-Teen Queen

2013 All American Co-ed Kansas Jr-Teen Queen (Top 10 Nationals)

2014 National All American Miss Kansas Junior Teen (2RU Nationals)

2015 National American Miss Kansas Junior Teen (Top 10 Nationals)


I have had the privilege of working with Jorge for the last three years.  The way he teaches you to approach the interview process and interact with the judges has been a real game changer for me! I have consistently placed higher in my interview scores every year that I have worked with Jorge. I feel ready for my future and hope to one day become Miss America as well as perform on Broadway. I am so thankful and grateful to be a Pageant Smart girl!

Emma Cook


Emma began working with Jorge prior to competing in the Miss Pre Teen United States pageant in 2017.  At an age when girls are self-conscious and often do not feel comfortable expressing themselves, Jorge gave Emma the tools and confidence she needed to present the best version of herself.He helped Emma understand how to show the judges her true personality and express her strengths. Emma blossomed under Jorge’s guidance and received 1st Runner-Up at the Miss Pre Teen United States Pageant. 


With Jorge’s encouragement Emma went on to compete at Miss Preteen USA Ambassador 2017.  Throughout the week, Jorge took the time to check in on Emma and ask her how she was doing and if she needed anything.  I truly believe his commitment to her success was instrumental in Emma being crowned Miss USA Ambassador Preteen 2017.  It was Jorge that Emma contacted to calm her nerves before her personal interview as well as before she competed in On-Stage Fun Chat. His advice and words of encouragement gave her the confidence to speak from her heart and truly made her stand out during onstage interview. I truly believe that it was Emma’s interview that made the difference and is the reason she won the USA Ambassador Preteen title. 

Novalee Lewis
Miss Jr. High School America 2016
Washington's Outstanding Teen 2018


I started working with Jorge to take my interview skills to the next level, and I got immediate results!  He helped me to speak with more confidence and pinpoint my weaknesses, in a fun and uncritical environment.  Jorge has provided me with valuable speaking tools that I can use in any pageant system.

Shayla Moontgomery

National American Miss Oregon Jr. Teen 2017

National American Miss PreTeen 2016

Miss Oregon Teen USA 2020, 1st Runner Up Miss Teen USA 2020


PageantSmart is more than just an interview coaching business, it’s a family. From the moment I started working with them I felt at home. Jorge welcomed me with open arms and gave me ALL of the tools I need to succeed. The PageantSmart team goes above and beyond to make you as smart as you can be in the interview room. I am a proud to be a PageantSmart girl! 

Taylor Hughes

USA National Miss PreTeen 2016

Miss Hilton Head Teen USA 2018


Taylor first starting working with Jorge as a preteen to prepare for her first national pageant, USA National Miss. We were thrilled with her quickly developing results as she practiced numerous mock interviews through her Skype sessions. Taylor grew in confidence and truly learned the art of controlling the interview. We are very grateful for the professional relationship we have with the PageantSmart team but also enjoying the friendship that has grown and the continual support they show for Taylor and her career. We highly recommend using Pageant Smart as you prepare for your next pageant.    

alexa major.jpeg
Alexa Marie Major

USA National Miss Florida Teen 2020

World’s Perfect Teen 2019

National America Miss Florida Jr Teen 2018


Working with Pageantsmart has allowed me to feel more confident and comfortable in an interview setting. With interview being my weakest area of competition, I have not always enjoyed this aspect of pageantry. However, being taught how to guide my interview as well as the perfect way to structure an answer has allowed me to make my interview more personal and fun. Throughout my journey with Pageantsmart, I have captured the titles of National American Miss Florida Jr. Teen, USA National Miss Florida Teen, Worlds Perfect Jr. Teen, Royal International Miss Florida Jr. Teen, Florida Galaxy Teen and Citrus National Jr. Teen. Overall, Jorge & Pageantsmart have made me a better public speaker and interviewer. I’ve gained skills that will benefit me in the long run and I would definitely recommend Pageantsmart! #smartgirlsrock   

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