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TESTIMONIALS - Teen Delegates

Victoria Piekut

International Junior Miss Pennsylvania Teen 2015

1st RU – National American Miss Teen 2014

National American Miss Miss Pennsylvania 2017

International Junior Miss Teen 2015


I can’t thank Jorge enough for helping me to win the title of 2015 International Junior Miss Teen!  Even after just one session, he helped me get in the right mindset to be able to do my best in Interview.  Jorge has a gift for knowing just how to help you organize your thoughts, so that you can think on your feet and answer questions confidently.  His approach helps to develop skills that can be used for the rest of your life.  I didn’t think I would gain so much insight, let alone gain such a wonderful friend!

Jordan Flippo

Edmonds Liberty Fest Outstanding Teen 2016

Oklahoma City University (OCU) Outstanding Teen 2015

Oklahoma's Outstanding Teen  2015 - 1st RU


When I first started in the Miss America's Outstanding Teen program, I was just 13 years old. There were a number of topics I was not well versed in. In starting to work with Jorge, he was wonderful in bringing up topics I hadn't thought of before, and giving me different sides to each situation and the history of each topic. He never tried to influence my positions, giving me an opportunity to not only open my eyes to the events going on around me but also to find my own way in developing my opinions. Over our monthly sessions, I improved my interview skills to where I was excited to answer a question that I previously would have viewed as a "hard question". As the years pass and different issues arise, I know Jorge will be there to keep me updated, informed and challenged. I cant imagine going into a pageant without having had my training with Jorge !

Alyssa Rivera

Miss Florida Teen USA 2010

Miss Teen USA 2010 - Top 15


When I started with Jorge, I was convinced that my speaking skills where the only thing holding me back from my goals of going to Nationals. With his patience, detailed training and constant support not only did I win my state title but made Top 15 at Miss Teen USA. Now I use the skills Jorge taught me as I pursue my career as a fashion correspondent in New York City! Thank you, Jorge!

hermona .jpeg
Hermona Girmay

National American Miss Teen 2017 -2018

International Junior Miss Washington Junior Teen 2016


A one-minute conversation sounds like something that would come easy to an extrovert like myself, but interview has always been the area of competition in pageantry I struggled with the most. Jorge’s interview consulting has not only helped me improve my interview skills by finding new ways to articulate my thoughts and engage others in conversation, but he’s believed in me at times where I lost belief in myself. So much mental preparation goes into a single weekend, but instead of viewing this as practicing for a pageant, I see the skills I’ve learned in pageantry and from my pageant mentors as skills for life. I couldn’t be more thankful to Jorge for all his guidance throughout the years. Forever proud to be a PageantSmart girl!

Gracie Smith

Miss Florida Teen USA 2016

Miss Teen World America 2017 Top 10


When I first met Mr. Esteban, I was doubtful my interview skills needed any improvement. But after the first session together, I realized that he had much to offer, and I was eager to learn. While I could form opinions and well-thought out answers, I couldn't verbalize my thoughts in a manner that would impress a panel of pageant judges. With his guidance, I learned how to express my ideas and I expanded my knowledge of current events and social issues. At Miss Florida Teen USA 2014, I competed with full confidence in my interview abilities. I made it into the Top 16 and I absolutely know I could not have achieved that goal without Jorge! Not only does he prepare you for your next pageant, he prepares you for life! Even if I never win another pageant, I know there will be many instances in which Jorge’s training will help me achieve other goals.

alyssa mawyer.jpg
Alyssa Mawyer

Miss High School America 2019

Miss Virginia High 2018- 3rd Runner Up at Nationals

Miss Virginia Teen USA 2019 – 3rd Runner Up

UNM VA Junior Teen 2017- 1st Runner Up at Nationals

IJM VA Preteen 2016- 4th Runner Up at Nationals


Winning my dream title of Miss High School America wouldn’t have been possible without the help of the best interview coach, Jorge Esteban of Pageant Smart! He has been my interview coach since my early pageant days and has been with me throughout my 3 years of competing in the Miss High School America system, from competing for the title of Miss Virginia Junior High 2017 to being crowned Miss High School America 2019! I would be lying if I said that I have always loved interview, but I can happily say it has been something that my love has grown for because of Jorge! He taught me how to let my true self shine and that no one knows me better than myself. He helped perfect my resume and I always learn something new during every session we have! To anyone who has an upcoming pageant interview or even a job interview I 100% recommend Pageant Smart! Smart Girls Rock!

Kamie Crawford

Miss Maryland Teen USA 2010

Miss Teen USA 2010


Working with Jorge for my Miss Teen USA pageant prep wasn't just wonderful... it was VITAL! Jorge opened up my mind and gave me the tools I needed to dig even deeper inside of myself, so that I could fully express to the judges why the things I claimed to be passionate about on paper, were truly the things that fueled the fire in my everyday life. Now that I am focusing on my career after pageantry, I am able to use what I learned with Jorge to nail any interview I walk into! Thank you PageantSmart!

faith pierrecharles.jpg
Faith Pierrecharles

National American Miss Teen 2019

Royal International Miss Teen 2018

National American Miss Jr. Teen 2016 - 1st Runner Up Nationals


When reflecting on my time working with Jorge Esteban of Pageant Smart, I can’t help but to think of the growth I have made throughout my journey in pageantry because of him! I began working with Jorge back in 2016 and I won’t lie, I was the slightest bit nervous because I was so used to prepping on my own. After our first session, I walked away with a new found confidence in my public speaking skills. Jorge never fails to continue to help me learn more about myself and unleash my potential. I am forever grateful for his mentorship!

Natalie Fiallo

Miss Florida Teen USA 2014

Miss Broward County Fair Teen USA 2014


Jorge, words cannot express how truly grateful I am for everything you have done for me. From the moment you met me you believed in me. You encouraged me to follow my dreams and to become a stronger and confident me. I am thankful for your guidance and knowledge you have given me. As I get ready to go on the Teen USA stage I know that I will ROCK it with NO FEAR and that you will be there to cheer me on.

Alex Marek

Miss Vermont Teen USA 2015

Miss Teen USA 2015 - Top 15


Jorge, thank you for transforming me from being uncomfortable in public speaking to preparing me for Miss Teen USA. Your coaching has also helped me for any future endeavors that may come my way. You are more than an interview coach, you've become a true friend. 

Karly Knaus

Miss Wisconsin Teen USA 2016


Jorge, I will never be able to express my sincerest gratitude for all your guidance and advice. You guided me to the crown by improving my interview skills, and became the greatest mentor to me and even better - a friend. It wasn’t just the skills you taught me though, but also the confidence you had in me. I loved Skyping with you all the while becoming more confident every session. You truly helped me achieve my greatest dream. Thank you from the top of my crown to the bottom of my heart.

Ciana Pelekai

Miss Teen America 2017


Being Miss Hawaii Teen America 2017, I had an amazing opportunity to work with Jorge, to help me prepare for the Miss Teen America national pageant. Throughout my experience with PageantSmart, Jorge has helped me overcome my fear of speaking in front of others, helped me improve my speaking skills and made me feel confident no matter what topic I had to talk or give my opinion about. Throughout all the Skype sessions we've had, Jorge is a great instructor and he has pushed me to strive for my very best, even if I struggled through it all, he would be by my side and catch me when I fall. Now, I am proud to say that I am the newly crowned Miss Teen America 2017! Thank you Jorge for an unforgettable experience! If you are looking for interview mentor, I recommend you go to Jorge because he is the BEST!

Payton Stockman

Miss Teen Earth United States 2018


Becoming a PageantSmart girl has probably been one of the best decisions I’ve made in my pageant career. When I first started working with Jorge, interview was my most challenging phase of competition. Working with him, he molded my interview into the best way I can connect with the judges to share my story with them. He has taught me how to be myself in the interview room and to let my personality shine from within in as little as 3 minutes to leave a lasting impression. I also gained a lot of confidence in my onstage question and now have the tools to be successful in the interview room and on the stage. I didn’t only gain a pageant coach, I gained a lifelong friend. I will always take the lessons I’ve gained with PageantSmart wherever l go. 

Asia Hickman

New York's Outstanding Teen 2017


Pageant Smart has been instrumental in my success toward my goals in pageantry! Jorge and his team are amazing and have helped me gain the confidence and interview skills that I have needed to prepare for my many auditions as well as interviews. Working on mock interviews, controversial topics, current issues as well as how to present myself  in the interview room has also made me feel confident when I go to TV & Radio interviews as well music auditions. I am proud to call myself a SmartGirl!  

Katherine Haik

Miss Teen USA 2015


Thanks so much to Jorge Esteban and PageantSmart Interview Consultants for my interview skype session right before I left for Miss Teen USA. Your advice and interview prep was so helpful in my Teen USA interview! Thanks for all of your support through the years! 

Alexis Smith

Miss Nevada Teen USA 2017


Jorge Esteban is much more than an interview coach. He is a mentor, a friend, and a pure genius. I started coaching with him while preparing for Miss Teen USA. Jorge took the time to learn about me, what I'm passionate about, and my strengths and weaknesses. At the end of every single interview session, I ended our FaceTime call feeling extremely confident, more knowledgeable, and excited to compete, especially in the interview portion. It was no surprise that at Miss Teen USA, I was 100% ready for my interview and onstage questions and placed 2RU to Miss Teen USA! I am so grateful for you, Jorge. Thank you for making me a better woman and teaching me skills for life. 

amya caldwell.jpeg
Amya Caldwell

Miss Virginia Teen USA 2020

Miss Virginia High School America 2019 - Top 15 at Nationals

National American Miss Virginia Jr. Teen 2018 - 4th runner up at Nationals

International United Miss Virginia Jr. Teen 2018 - 1st runner up at Nationals


Jorge is AMAZING! Not only is he a great interview coach, he is an amazing person who cares about his clients. My interview journey with PageantSmart began after struggling in the interview competition. After my very FIRST session, I saw a huge difference in my ability to communicate confidently and genuinely in the interview room. Thanks to Jorge, I was able to capture my dream title, Miss Virginia Teen USA in 2020. I 100% recommend  the PageantSmart team to anyone who wants to take their interview skills to the next level!

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