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TESTIMONIALS - International Delegates

Kathryn Kohut

Miss Grand Canada 2014 

Miss Universe Canada 2015 - 2nd Runner Up

Miss Canada International 2015


I had the honour of working with Jorge with my personal interview and on-stage questions during my preparation for Miss Universe Canada 2015. His coaching not only helped me in the pageant, where I placed 2nd runner-up, but also in my career outside pageantry. Because of my high placement, I was invited to represent my country of Canada at Miss International as well. I have so much more confidence going into any interview now and I am so happy I chose to work with him. Love being a PageantSmart girl!

Tanja Yr

Miss Iceland Supranational 2015

Miss Supranational 2015 -3RU

Miss Iceland Tourism Queen 2015

Miss Tourism Cosmopolitan International 2015


Jorge was an indescribable help in my preparation for Miss Supranational 2015 and Miss Tourism Queen of Year International 2015. Not only was he a great inspiration and instructor but became a true friend. He gave me confidence so that I could do my very best in the interviews with international judging panels but also in my total performance. He was always available and ready to listen, even though we were several time zones apart and even helped me with selecting my interview outfit, my overall look and just about everything from A-Z!! He is a professional and knows exactly what he is doing. What mattered the most to me was that with his guidance I felt more ready and confident than ever and not only did I place as 3rd runner up in Miss Supranational in Poland, I was also among the 5 contestants winning titles in Malaysia and I am your new Miss Tourism Cosmopolitan International. Jorge was always available for insight and guidance during my times in Poland and Malaysia. Thousand times thank you Jorge and I would recommend your services to anyone.

Ana Luisa Montufar

Miss Universe Guatemala 2014


In preparation for Miss Universe 2014, I had the wonderful opportunity to be trained in the area of interview by Jorge Esteban of PageantSmart. I think interview training is vital to being successful in a pageant. With PageantSmart's help I learned new strategies to express a correct answer for each question I could potentially be asked. The result was confidence, competence and comfort in responding to questions during my international interview. At the time of being interviewed at Miss Universe, I was able to answer all the questions without any problems and I felt comfortable in dominating topics. Not only was it a pleasure to meet & work with Jorge, but his guidance and help will always stick with me as these tips will never be forgotten and always taken into account for any time of my life. Gracias Jorge!

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