WELCOME to PageantSmart!

WELCOME to PageantSmart!

(photo by Benizo)

Kára McCullough | MISS USA 2017

Kára McCullough | MISS USA 2017

"Transparency is the best attribute a leader can possess. Jorge allowed full transparency during our sessions." (photo by Carlos Velez)

Deshauna Barber | MISS USA 2016

Deshauna Barber | MISS USA 2016

"I would not have had my "Mic Drop" moment during Miss USA's on stage question without Jorge's training. I am so lucky to have him as my interview coach!" (photo by Carter Studios)

Nia Sanchez | MISS USA 2014

Nia Sanchez | MISS USA 2014

"Jorge helped me prepare for interview not only for MISS NEVADA USA but also for MISS USA and MISS UNIVERSE. Thank you again for sharing my incredible journey!” (photo by Georgina Vaughan)

Brittany Oldehoff | MISS FL USA 2014

Brittany Oldehoff | MISS FL USA 2014

"Jorge is exceptionally talented and well-rounded! He really knows what he is doing when it comes to interview prep! PageantSmart is the best in the business!" (photo by Georgina Vaughan)

Katherine Haik | MISS TEEN USA 2015

Katherine Haik | MISS TEEN USA 2015

"Jorge's advice and interview prep was so helpful in my Teen USA interview!" (photo by Carlos Velez)

- SMART is the new SEXY -

               s Miss Arizona Teen USA® 2013, I had the opportunity to work with Jorge while preparing for Miss Teen USA. Jorge Esteban helped me to articulate my thoughts, cultivate my speaking skills and gave me the knowledge to feel confident regarding a wide range of local national, world and social issues. Throughout all of my Skype sessions with Jorge, he not only was a fabulous mentor, but he also became a wonderful friend. I highly recommend working with Jorge to anyone searching to find the tools to be the best version of themselves!"




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Olivia Argue

Miss Arizona Teen USA 2013


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